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Opal Ridge incorporates an urban feel with pedestrian connections to existing parkland (Brownlow Park and Penhorn Lake), commercial, and transit amenities. The near-term plan consists of eight multi-residential buildings bounded by 45 townhomes as a transition to the existing low-rise neighbourhood of Manor Park. Future buildings will be mixed-use, incorporating commercial and office uses at the ground floors with residential above. The proposed development concept for Opal Ridge was created to enable a complete community. In the past, these lands have primarily served as a commercial node for surrounding residential neighbourhoods. This function of the lands, in combination with a highly accessible transit node, is enhanced within the proposed development. Street layout, sidewalks, pathways, bike routes, building design, and building massing are designed to enhance the context of the site while enabling more residents to live within this area of HRM. Community assets surrounding the site, such as Brownlow Park and Penhorn Lake, are preserved with enhanced connections to the existing surrounding neighbourhoods and newly proposed developments within the site. Open spaces and uses will emphasize and enhance the pedestrian environment. Buildings will have active streetwalls, and strategically located open spaces to break up large lots. Opal Ridge also proposes active connections within the site that support a pedestrian-friendly environment and promote interconnectivity between residences, private open spaces, public open spaces, commercial amenities, and public transit services.


  • Total acreage: ~25 

  • Total number of units: ~905 

  • Total muliple residential blocks: 8 

  • Total townhouses: 45 

  • Estimated population at completion:  2,086 

  • Open space: 5.4 acres (~21% of the site) 

  • Total project cost: to be determined 

  • Schedule: The proposed development will be broken up into four phases. Development is proposed to begin along Portland Street and progress towards the middle of the site. The existing plan does not preclude future redevelopment of existing commercial areas. 

  • Start date: 2022 

  • Length of project: ~4 years

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We anticipate Opal Ridge will bring roughly 905 units to Penhorn area of Dartmouth. The majority of residential units will be multi-residential with some townhouses framing the back of the site to help blend this new development into the existing residential community.  


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Grocery and Retail Components

There will be no change or impact to the retail and office complex currently on site. A former shopping centre, the site has been partially redeveloped as a retail and office complex adjacent Portland Street. This recently developed commercial area is active and well used, with the newest building having been constructed within the last two years, and with many longterm leases held by successful businesses. Therefore, the retail and office complex area is expected to remain in place.

Walkability and open / public spaces

The proposed development concept includes a variety of open spaces that amount to a total of approximately 21% (5.4 acres) of the site. These spaces would be integrated with the existing Brownlow Park and Penhorn Lake, and enhanced with multi-use trails that connect to the existing transit terminal and commercial amenities. The proposal includes a network of public and private open spaces that are strategically located to provide additional positive experiences for everyone and support a pedestrian-friendly and human-scaled built community. These spaces are planned with accessibility in mind by including barrier free access points, careful surface material selection, and appropriate seating. Enhanced streetscapes, attractive street lighting, planter boxes, and general site landscaping are significant elements of the concept plan that are compatible and consistent with open spaces abutting the site and within surrounding neighbourhoods.

Transit, Parking, and Integration into existing road systems

The concept includes a public multi-use trail system, creating an environment where residents have direct, convenient, walkable connections to private and public amenities and services, including public transit. The proposal includes two separate public street connections to Portland Street, a multi-use trail along the Circumferential Highway connecting Penhorn Lake to the Transit Terminal, a multi-use trail connecting Penhorn Lake to Brownlow Park, and a walkway connecting the development to the existing low-rise neighbourhood to the north. This plan allows for enhancement and expansion of existing parklands. Within our application, we’ve also identified an opportunity to enhance parking for Brownlow Park and Penhorn Lake, as well as pedestrian access.



Clayton and Crombie  have partnered on this project. Clayton is the development manager and is taking the lead on the project. 



A division of The Shaw Group Limited, Clayton Developments Limited is part of 160 years of business success. We're proud to have created communities for more than 80,000 residents to call “home”, while producing a substantial economic impact and more than a billion dollars in developed real estate. Our communities are well-planned, well-known and well-loved.  

With a well-established history of successful and strategic partnerships, both solely in land development and more recently in multiple residential projects and home building, Clayton has approximately 1,200 acres of land under partnership arrangements in the Halifax market, and 114 acres under partnership in Newfoundland.  Learn more at



Crombie invests in real estate that enriches local communities and enables long-term sustainable growth. As one of the country’s leading owners, operators, and developers of quality real estate, Crombie’s portfolio primarily includes grocery-anchored retail, retail-related industrial, and mixed-used residential properties in Canada’s top urban and suburban markets. Crombie owns over 290 Canadian properties with approximately 18.5 million square feet in use, and a significant pipeline of future development projects. Learn more at



The project receives questions from neighbours, local representatives, and media.  The following frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) and answers will be updated throughout the project development to continually share our progress and inform interested parties with the information they seek. 


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