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Mount Hope Village is designed to create the first community in Halifax Regional Municipality with a significant affordable housing component integrated into a large-scale development in the last forty years. This is an innovative approach to include affordable housing at a community scale. Through partnership with the Provincial government, the community will provide opportunities for varying home options, including traditional ownership, rental, and potentially co-operative ownership models. The integration of affordable units in the development is intended to create an inclusive community that seamlessly blends homes that are partially funded under an affordability program and those which are not. Mount Hope Village is proposed to include approximately 40% of homes under this affordability program. The proposed development has been comprehensively designed to create a community that integrates a variety of residential land uses. The street pattern reflects a series of interconnected local streets with primary access to Mount Hope Avenue and a secondary access located at Lynn Drive. The design incorporates dedicated parkland serving as a hub for social gathering, and active living, with a centrally located one acre park. The second and larger park area is located along the perimeter of a wetland and includes a walking / running trail to support and encourage active living.


  • Total acreage: ~55 

  • Total number of units: ~875 

  • Total multiple residential blocks: 6 

  • Total number of affordable units: ~373 (42%) 

  • Townhome / 4-Plex ~144

  • Multiple Residential ~229   

  • Estimated total population at completion:  2,432 

  • Park and Open Space: ~10 acres

  • Schedule: Mount Hope Village will be built in two phases. 

  • Development is proposed to begin from Mount Hope Avenue and along the current Highway 11 and progress north towards the existing communities of Maple Ridge Estates and Lynn Drive. 

  • Target start date: 2022 

  • Length of project: 5-7 years 



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We anticipate the Mount Hope Village project will bring 875 units to Dartmouth, the majority will be in multi-residential buildings. single family, semi-detached and townhomes will be mixed throughout the development to help blend into the neighbouring residential community.  Included within the estimated 875 total units, are 373 units identified for affordable housing opportunities.   


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Grocery and Retail Components

The Mount Hope Village lands were strategically selected due to their proximity to a grocery store, retail, service essentials, schools (ie. Dartmouth South Academy, which is less than 500m away, nearby employment opportunities and good road connections to 100-series network.

Walkability and open / public spaces

The proposed development location offers a high level of walkability. Residents can truly live in this community without being dependent on a car. The site is adjacent to an existing transit route and is within walking distance or a short bus ride to the Woodside Ferry Terminal. Employment opportunities and a number of businesses are located nearby and within the adjacent industrial park, all within a reasonable walking distance of approximately one kilometre. In addition, the lands are situated within walking distance of grocery stores, daily retail needs, services and entertainment establishments. The plan includes ~10 acres of dedicated park and open space to address the social gathering needs of the community including a central park, which is intended to be fully developed with access trails, play structure, and site amenities such as benches and shade trees. Physical activity is important for the well-being of residents. To encourage outdoor exercise, the plan will incorporate a network of 1.5km of trails that surround the significant wetland. This provides residents the opportunity to go for a leisurely walk, while enjoying the natural and diverse environment provided by the wetland. A pedestrian connection is also being proposed to the north to link with existing communities.

Transit, Parking, and Integration into existing road systems

The proposed development is designed to incorporate a street pattern that reflects a series of interconnected local roads with primary access to Mount Hope Avenue and a secondary access located at Lynn Drive. The site is conveniently located adjacent to Highway 111, Mount Hope Interchange in Dartmouth and has significant locational advantages including an existing transit route and well within walking distance of schools, employment, grocery, and entertainment establishments.



Clayton Developments Limited and LeGrow Holdings Limited, a Nova Scotia owned & operated family business, have partnered on this project.  Clayton is the development manager and is taking the lead on the project.  



A division of The Shaw Group Limited, Clayton Developments Limited is part of 160 years of business success. We're proud to have created communities for more than 80,000 residents to call “home”, while producing a substantial economic impact and more than a billion dollars in developed real estate. Our communities are well-planned, well-known and well-loved.  

With a well-established history of successful and strategic partnerships, both solely in land development and more recently in multiple residential projects and home building, Clayton has approximately 1,200 acres of land under partnership arrangements in the Halifax market, and 114 acres under partnership in Newfoundland.  Learn more at



The project receives questions from neighbours, local representatives, and media.  The following frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) and answers will be updated throughout the project development to continually share our progress and inform interested parties with the information they seek. 


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